TRL are able to offer a range of services to support setup and initial use of iROADS®, and can provide on-going support and consultancy, covering:

  • Customisation and configuration
  • Institutional change and support
  • Implementation on the client’s IT infrastructure
  • Training and engineering consultancy for users
  • Ongoing help desk support for the iROADS software

We offer a range of complementary services to support and maximise value from existing assets with services to cover all aspects of Highways and Asset Management, including Asset Management Consultancy, Training and Asset Valuation.

We are trusted experts in condition projection and forward planning of works, value management and whole life costing, as well as scheme identification, treatment types and asset valuation. TRL’s products and services deliver tangible value to our customers in the public and private sectors throughout the world. We aim to build long-term relationships with client organisations to ensure success of their Highways Asset Management Plans.

Our data management and consultancy services include:

  • Data cleansing and management
  • Systems implementation
  • Training
  • Development of Asset Management processes and plans
  • Development of lifecycle plans
  • Highways investment business cases, assessment of backlog and investment need
  • Development of local rules/data/surveys/lifecycle plans

Other consultancy services include:

  • Systems and data reviews
  • Gap analysis
  • Data health checks
  • Auditing of condition data