Stand-alone or server-based system

As a highly flexible and versatile asset management solution, iROADS® is designed to be capable of being deployed at different levels appropriate to user requirements including a stand-alone single user system, a server-based multi-user system or as a hosted solution in the “cloud” accessed via the Internet or a combination of these.

Whichever solution is chosen, there is no restriction on the complexity or size of the network and data that can be held. With a deployment model based on a selection of toolkits, iROADS delivers flexibility, scalability and network capabilities, meaning implementations can easily grow to suit the needs of the business.

 Particularly cost-effective for those users looking to provide map-based access to their data across their organisation, iROADS offers a single licence that allows almost unlimited installation

Deployment by various methods:

  • Hosted-system, allowing remote access using an internet connection, with minimal workstation software
  • Installation on client servers or an individual workstation