TRL has a worldwide reputation for helping and supporting road owners and operators from National Governments through to private contractors to be more effective in the management of their roads infrastructure. The TRL team can draw upon a wealth of knowledge and experience from our world experts to ensure that iROADS® meets users’ needs, responding quickly to enquiries, providing excellent customer service with in-depth support and consultancy. Working both in the public and private sectors throughout the world, TRL products and services deliver real and lasting value to our customers.

iROADS is TRL’s innovative asset management software, offering comprehensive integrated asset management, planning and decision support tools for all infrastructure assets. iROADS is: 

  • The culmination of 30 years of developing asset management systems and tools
  • A system that will bring the best in asset management knowledge and practice
  • A comprehensive toolkit for clients to get best value from their infrastructure assets and their asset data
  • Suitable for managing all road assets from unpaved rural roads through to the most complex of modern multi-lane super highways and at a level that suits the asset complexity and client needs

iROADS allows all the data collected to be stored and then used in analyses to help inform:

  • Maintenance decisions
  • Performance
  • Value
  • Budget setting
  • Work programmes

As data is aligned to the asset, potential scheme locations can be identified using sophisticated data homogenisation and merging tools, based on condition and section characteristics, as well as locally defined parameters and surveys.

iROADS functionality permits the:

  • Import of data from other data collection, management, survey machines and manual data capture systems
  • Incorporation of extensive QA and data fitting options for imported survey, and is
  • Fully configurable, allowing maximum use of the data

Where non-standard data exists, TRL will work with you to convert the data for import to iROADS.

iROADS is directly complemented by TRL’s iCAPTURE systems that include fully automated portable traffic speed road survey devices, as well as hand held data devices, with intuitive map based software for manual surveys and inspections.

iROADS includes a range of tools and options for:

  • Modelling economic aspects of all assets for maintenance
  • Improving network performance
  • Budget setting
  • Providing value for money

iROADS – Functionality in Development

iROADS development roadmap and vision will deliver further functionality to meet the needs of all roads asset owners, managers and operators.  The following functionality is in the current phase of development:

  • HDM-4 Import and Export (Due Q4 2014)
  • Bridge Management (Due Q1 2015)
    • This will allow uses to export and import the relevant data to an HDM-4 workspace
    • Data imported back into IROADS will be available to the extensive reporting capabilities of the system or for further analysis
    • Extending the current capabilities of iROADS to hold bridge inventory and general bridge inspection data to:
      • Allow the calculation of a Bridge Condition Index
      • Prioritise bridge inspection and maintenance needs
      • Provide budget estimates of cost to include in budget setting and maintenance cost optimisation

iROADS – Multiple asset analyses and scenario modelling

iROADS is capable of quickly analysing:

  • Large networks
  • Complex data sets

This allows the user to quickly see the effects of different scenarios including:

  • changing budgets or service levels
  • delaying or advancing work programmes

This can be done for all the different asset types and the results combined to produce the most advantageous scenarios.

Working both in the public and private sectors throughout the world, TRL products and services deliver real and lasting value to our customers.

 iROADS’ flexibility allows for it to be deployed anywhere in the world, for use with all asset and survey types and for it to be adapted to local needs and conditions. iROADS includes integration with HDM-4 providing the road data needed for the analyses required to obtain donor funding.

Our unique capabilities are underpinned by our:

  • Portfolio of expertise – ranging from highways engineering, materials science and geology to social sciences, economics and statistics. We apply our expertise to produce sustainable solutions.
  • Partnership approach – we work closely with national governments and organisations across the world to build local capacity and achieve effective institutional strengthening.
  • Local presence – we have branch and project offices worldwide supporting our long-term commitment to delivering results globally.