The iROADS® on-site software, iCAPTURE, can be a standalone product purely for site operatives to use with other systems, or deploy it in conjunction with the main iROADS software. It is Windows-based and supports the following surveys:

  • Routine maintenance
  • UKPMS visual surveys
  • HAPMS visual surveys
  • Detailed inspections
  • Asset inspections
  • Risk surveys
  • Value Management surveys
  • Inventory surveys

iCAPTURE is available pre-configured for:

  • Accredited UKPMS CVI Software
  • Accredited UKPMS FNS Software
  • Accredited UKPMS DVI Software
  • Accredited UKPMS Combined CVI & FNS Software
  • A Bespoke Driven DVI (D-DVI) Survey
  • Inventory Collection
  • RMMS Safety Inspections
  • RMMS Detailed Inspections
  • RMMS Inventory Collection
  • Asset Support Contract (ASC’s) Long Stop Surveys
  • SKID Safety Audits
  • Value Management Surveys
  • SKID Safety audits


Accredited UKPMS software

iCAPTURE is UKPMS compliant for CVI, DVI and FNS surveys in accordance with the latest UKPMS Visual Survey Manual.  Our expertise in writing the UKPMS Visual Survey Manual and working with survey companies has allowed us to produce software which is easy to use and train with whilst also maximising the outputs of the surveyors.  The UKPMS CVI software can be used as a walked or driven survey and can be connected directly to a number of on board odometers.  Our team will alter the software specific for your own needs.


iCAPTURE is compliant with the Highways Agency “Red Book” for collecting and reporting any safety or detailed inspection data.  The software can be tailored for your own needs for compliance with you own RMMS system.  For trunk road maintenance the user can enter Marker Post and chainage rather than section label, thus no requirement to measure distance along road etc. A map-based version will be released shortly.

Supporting Operations and Maintenance

The On-Site software allows the user to collect:

  • Safety Inspections
  • Detailed Inspections
  • ASC Longstop Inspections
  • Cyclic Maintenance
  • Street Lighting Inspections
  • Inventory

Skid resistance site surveys and risk assessment

iCAPTURE is used alongside the Risk toolkit for recording and evaluating Risk mainly Skid Risk. The data from Risk Toolkit is exported so that any asset i.e. a road section which has been required to be investigated under HD28/04 can be analysed.  For example Skid Policy Manager will export all the elements which form that assessment for the Engineer to assess on site.  This reporting is held electronically and is imported into the Risk Toolkit for audit purposes or further analysis.

Value Management

iCAPTURE is used alongside the Pavement toolkit for recording and evaluating Value Management attributes of a scheme developed or recorded within the Pavement toolkit.  The VM questions and process is configured within the Pavement Toolkit.

Hardware requirements

All of our software can run on the following operating systems and hardware from various manufacturers with some changes being required for various screen resolutions etc.

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8